carpone (carpone) wrote in usgamers,

Doom 3

Simply put, it's an awesome game. There's a creepyness that I haven't experienced since System Shock 2 and even then, Doom 3 is orders of magnitude more intense. There were times where I have literally jumped back in my seat, startled by some steam pipe exploding nearby. The designers are to be complimented for the misdirection they've achieved to keep you off-balance. Level designers will be using this game as the golden example of "how to do it right" for years to come.

So who is playing? I'm in Delta Labs 2 (North) at the moment, and have played 10 hours or so. I usually check out every inch of an area and got most of the hidden stashes. The only area I couldn't get access to was Security Chief Abram's office with the BFG. Dunno if that's just for show, or if there's a non-cheating way to get in and I just missed it. I won't look at game guides to find out.

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