August 16th, 2004


Pirates misses the boat...

When wizkids first came on the scene I really thought they were going to change the miniature world for the better. I should have known better I did fall victim to their mage knight scheme. I liked the figures, I liked the idea of pushing miniatures around miniature terrain and l even liked the clickable scheme. The rules however SUCK!! The game just isn't tactical enough for my taste. Thus I have a box full of MK figures (this quite embarrassing to admit publicly) that shall never be touched again.

However when I heard of their latest release I was intrigued. A pirate game, Pirates of the Spanish Main. Looking at images like This really got me interested. I have zero interest in the collectable aspect of it so I was going to get a box of it throw the entire contents of that box on the table and basically have people draft thier ships and crews before each game. Unfortunatly a pair of reviews (here and here) have sort of turned me off to the game. I should really play it before I decide I guess but the description of play and holes in said play described by those articles are the types of things that would likely just make me hate the designers at wizkids even more. Though the ships do look really good so I may do as others suggested and buy the ships and use them in another ship combat game.

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