November 1st, 2004


I'm Back, Everquest 2

It's been awhile since I posted but things have been hectic and busy around my place. Anyway Most of the games in my big ass upcoming releases post have been released. We have enjoyed more than one lan party with Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War and Star Wars Battlefront becoming most popular. Dawn of War was especially nice since it was able to re-invigrate the RTS genre at our lan sessions. Most of the time we avoid RTS games on Lan day because of the long time investment. While there is still a signifigant investment for DoW its more tolerable since the game is very good.

Well about a week and a half ago I was able to worm my way into the Everquest 2 beta. And I am here to say that EQ2 is in fact all that and then some. Sony must have dumped extreme amounts of money into this game and it really shows. For those that don't know the release day is nov 9th. Sony won't be releaseing server names until release day so we are on our own for server coordination. We could easily do an alphebetical choice (the closest server alphabetically to the letter R) but they may not have a sort alphebetical option which could make that determination harder.

As for my opinoun of the game: Combat is very fun and maintains the role aspect of groups while expanding it beyond EQ's Holy Trinity (now we have the Holy Quartet and your garunteed to be one of those 4 required classes). Tradeskills are great and have a deepth that has rarely been seen before in this genre. There are issues but the game is so much fun to actually get in and PLAY that most of the issues seem minor. Grinding is now Questing and for some reason that makes it all that much more tolerable (because its not nearly as repetative). The amount of content avialable is quite surprising and even more so when one understands that half of the content for a given level is halfway across the world in the other city. You won't have a loss for something to do. Overall there is no reason to feel the need to power yourself to a certian level since there are raids, quests and uber loot drops at every level range. This isn't a invest 500 hours to have fun game, this is a pay 50$ and log in to have fun game.

Everquest 2 release day is November 9th (one week away). Preorder if you can, as likely the copies will go fast. I will be playing in Qeynos (as Freeport is the evil city and well the "evil is cool" mentality smacktards will flock there). As for archetype->class->subclass I have already chosen to play an mage->enchanter->illusionist(Crowd Control is very important and illusionists are the hands down the best at it).

I will update here with a server name on release day so that we can coordinate. For now lets try the alphabetical thing for preplanning on release day; say closest server alphabetically to the letters Va (so if we have servers Veeshan, Velious, and Underdark, we would pick Veeshan). Hope to see everyone in Norath next Tuesday.